Job Developer, Baton Rouge Powder Coating, Louisiana Rhonda Cothern at Baton Rouge Powder Coating in Baton Rouge, LA

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2268 Wooddale Boulevard Baton Rouge, Louisiana, LA

3850 / Month

Full time

Remote: No

Company: Baton Rouge Powder Coating

Baton Rouge Powder Coating is hiring a Job Developer in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Rhonda Cothern

Baton Rouge Powder Coating is a Automobile Undercoating and Rustproofing company from Baton Rouge and specialized in the industry of Manufacturing.

Our mainly activities is Automotive Services, Automotive Services, Except Repair and Carwashes and Automobile Undercoating and Rustproofing.

Our headquarter is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Rhonda Cothern.

We are hiring a Job Developer in our Baton Rouge city office.

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Baton Rouge Powder Coating was founded in 2005 in Baton Rouge city.

Our annual revenue is $1.000.000 to $2.499.999.

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Published: 2022-02-07

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Automotive Services Except Repair and CarwashesAutomobile Undercoating and Rustproofing