Otr Drivers, Bodashes Auto Detailing, Hawaii Angela Kaipo at Bodashes Auto Detailing in Kihei, HI

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442 Kenolio Road Kihei, Hawaii, HI

56500 / Year

Part time

Remote: No

Company: Bodashes Auto Detailing

Otr Drivers needed in Kihei at Bodashes Auto Detailing company, Hawaii

Our new Otr Drivers job position is available in Kihei, Hawaii, Angela Kaipo 96753

Bodashes Auto Detailing is a Carwashes company with headquarters in Kihei, Hawaii Angela Kaipo

We are searching for a Otr Drivers without experience. We will offer free courses for this position.

You will work in Kihei, Hawaii Angela Kaipo

Address: 442 Kenolio Road

Zipcode: 96753

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Published: 2022-02-08

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